4 Effective Tips To Keep Your Car Engine Healthy

Purchasing a car could be so satisfying and can make you truly happy. But regardless of all of those positive vibes, it gives you, negative vibes can come in your way as well. How? If you have troubles along with it. Having problems with your car could definitely be a pain in the ass. It could develop into bigger issue and it can cost you a lot. That is why maintaining your vehicle’s overall health is really a crucial factor to keep it running well.

Usual problems you can have is like you can get a dead starter, you can have a dead battery, you could also get alternator problems, spark plug issues, you might get radiator leakages, you can even have oil leaking, and you can have a flat tire. These problems are just the typical ones, but even if they are just common problems, fixing it could not be an easy task to do. It could make you give in more effort and could also be expensive.

That is why just like in everything we do or in everything we possess, we should do our absolute best to take care of it. If you’re a person who wants to keep your car’s engine in good shape, this article is for you. We offer you below a few tips on how to keep your car’s engine in good condition.

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Check your oil

This is one of the most common things to do for maintaining your car’s health, to check your engine oil. Check if your engine oil is still good, if not immediately have it changed. If you don’t want to check on your oil every now and then, conduct a regular change of oil, set a plan of when you will change your oil and after how many months before you change it again.

Clean your air filters

Air filters are used to avoid unwanted objects like bugs, leaves, or any dirt to enter your engine. Because when unwanted things enter your engine, this could give you a small problem, a small problem that could turn into a big problem. That is why it is important to always clean your air filters. But just like anything else, your filters will decompose too, the time will come that you will need to have it replaced. That is why be sure that the condition of your air filter is right.

Avoid having low gas

Gas has sediment that settles down at the base of your fuel tank. If you have been using that car for some time now, it means you were able to have many fill-ups with it. And you probably have a great possibility of getting these sediments in your fuel tank by now. Now the reason why you should not make your fuel reach in the almost empty level is that these sediments might enter your engine. And once it enters, it could cause you troubles.

Be aware

Having a car is a serious thing that is why you should be serious about owning eat. You should take care of it and give it the right and appropriate maintenance it needs. Always be aware of any small signs that might be a problem for your car. Check if there are leaks if you see leaks, have it checked immediately to an expert. If your car gives you warning signs immediately take action about it.

5 Questions To Ask Yourself To Find The Right Car For You

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Owning a car is one of almost everyone’s goal in life. And it could be extremely exciting. But not because you already can afford to buy one, doesn’t mean you can buy any type you want. You should be practical for better effectiveness. You should always consider asking yourself questions first to be able to purchase the right, suitable car for you. So below are 5 questions you should ask yourself to find the right car for you.

How much can I afford it?

What is your budget? Take consideration of your budget so you know what type of car to buy. Are you sure you want to use that much of money for a car? What if you suddenly need money because of emergencies? It is always better to be sure. Take consideration of everything involving the purchase of cars – from its price, process fees, insurance, and such.


Do I have the budget for my car’s maintenance?

Purchasing a car and paying for it does not stop there. You have to pay tax and get registration for it too. Every year you will spend on your car’s registration, insurance, car’s fuel, and for its maintenance like changing its oil and tuning it up. Or if you accidentally damage your car, the damage can cost a lot especially if you have no insurance. One car can be cheap to purchase but could be expensive to own. So make sure you have the budget for car ownership.


How many are my passengers?

You may be single, married or have children. If you are a solo person it is okay for you to purchase a small car like a sedan, or a two-door vehicle. But take consideration of your future – life if you are planning to get married soon and eventually have kids, you will need a larger car. If you have children it is better to purchase an SUV or a van since it is more spacious which provides more room for more people.


Where will I be driving?

Of course, we use cars to travel, but where do you often travel? Do you travel going to work? Are your neighborhood grocery store and malls far away from your home? Are your kid’s school far away? Take consider and choose a car that is better to drive for the distances you commonly take in your daily life.


How to test drive a car

Familiarize yourself regarding the car you’re about to test drive. Do some research and keep in mind all the questions you have and want answers for. So that when you test the car you know what you are driving – making you see clear of what to expect from the car.

Surprising Benefits of Tinting Your Car Windows

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You pay too much attention to your car’s body, but what about its windows? Window Tints can add an aesthetic style to your car, but besides that, it also comes with other additional benefits – like adding protection to you and your car.

Block Harmful UV Rays

UV Rays causes skin cancer in people and having car window tints can help reduce the risk of this hitting your skin. Besides skin cancer, UV Rays can damage your skin and causes it to age earlier than it is supposed to.

More Privacy

We usually leave some of our valuable things inside of our car, which becomes an easy target for prying eyes especially when you have clear windows. Car tints will keep your car’s interior in private, lessening the chance of being an easy target for burglars. Asides from this, it adds privacy to the passengers while they’re inside the car.

Increased Safety

We never know when an accident will occur, and investing in a car window tint will help you increase your percentage of being safe inside your car. Tints can strengthen your car’s window, make it firmer, and prevent it from shattering.

Cooler Temperature

Ever experienced drenching in sweat and getting irritated with the summer heat building up inside your car while you drive? Majority of us have been there, and we for sure never liked it. Window films can block solar heat from 35-65%, which is a big help! Another benefit is being able to save up on fuel by lessening the need to use the air conditioner.

Protects Upholstery

Besides protecting you from the UV Rays, it also protects the upholstery from extreme heat. The direct sunlight can cause the interior upholstery to fade, warp, or crack. Having car tints installed on your windows will highly prevent upholsteries to get into a mess.


Here’s a residential window tinting company that we love just outside of NYC and another car window tinting company we love in New Jersey.  If you are in the area call one of these two for a premium job done right!

3 Important Questions To Ask Yourself Before Buying a Car

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Spending money on a car for personal use is no joke. There are factors you should consider before signing that contract and purchasing a new car – be it cash or on an installment basis. You should also be fully aware that you just won’t be spending on the car model itself, it requires other essential expenses throughout the period. There’s the insurance, maintenance, gas, and all that. Careful thinking and planning are needed before making a big decision like this. Here are some questions you should ask yourself before buying a car:

1. Why Do I Need a Car?

Figure out the main purpose of why you are planning to get a car. Is it for your daily commute? For going around the campus? For a bigger space so the whole family can fit in? Or is it just for the luxury? Knowing the purpose will help you decide what features you’ll be needing from a car. In this way, you will feel like you got the most out of your payment and you won’t have regrets.

2. New or Used Car?

It feels so great to own a brand new car, but have you thought of its cost? Also, did you know that a car sharply depreciates in value in the first two years? Before deciding on what car you should buy, know your budget and ability to pay. If you plan for a second-hand car, just be sure to check it out properly to avoid future expenses of replacement parts. You just might end up spending a lot more than you should.

3. How much Can I Afford?

This is the most important question of all. Always face the reality and don’t opt for a car that is way out of your income. There are a lot of cars that are available but are affordable and can meet all your needs. But you should also consider what you’ll be spending on your car for it to be well-maintained – gas, maintenance, carwash, change oil, insurance, and a LOT more!

Huge decisions like this will really come to our life, and what we need is proper knowledge on how to manage our finances. Asking help from Financial Advisors and a Wealth Management Firm will lead you to a better path of financial freedom. Before purchasing anything that causes a huge amount of money and constant expenses, you should be fully aware of your financial standing.

Common Mistakes to Avoid for a Reliable Garage Door

garage door mistakes to avoid

What we would definitely love is having a reliable, well-maintained, hassle-free Garage Door in the long run, for our daily use. A regular upkeep and maintenance are needed to keep this big moving object working well. We are humans and we can’t avoid doing mistakes. But, here are some heads up on the most common mistakes that people unintentionally do that are hurting their Garage Door, and also putting them at risk.

Not Doing a Regular Maintenance

Yes, we know we all have busy lives. People don’t think of checking on their Garage Door once in awhile even though it is one of the daily used machines with hundreds of moving parts that are prone to wear and tear. We only pay attention to it when something really starts going wrong. Don’t make this mistake and save yourself from some future problems, hassle, and expenses. You can also have a Professional check on it at least twice a month. For Older Garage Doors, inspecting it more often is good.


Incorrect Usage or Operation

As busy individuals, we sometimes experience being in a hurry and mistakes happen which we usually don’t notice. Kids also operate the Garage Door mistakenly which may cause a problem. Long story short, the Garage Door is used incorrectly on a regular basis. Always ensure a proper operation. When you start hearing squeaky sounds while the Door is on the move, call your Professional Garage Door Technician to have them check on it.


Not Paying Attention to Obvious Problems

Garage Doors will occasionally have signs or hints – showing you that it has a problem. Most people won’t give it any attention unless it gets worse. Attending to early signs like weird sounds, loud noise or jerky motions – will definitely save you from spending a HUGE amount of money for repairs or serious injury.


Loose Panels

This is a common safety problem a technician makes when installing a Garage Door which posed hazardous risks – always be sure to hire reliable Professionals to get the job done. Panels tend to loosen especially when they are used on a daily basis, that’s why we encourage our clients to have a regular maintenance.


Doing Your Own DIY Repairs on Garage Door Malfunctions

This is one of the worst things you can do. The Garage Door – being the heaviest moving object in your household, can pose a serious hazardous risk especially when there are kids around. Proper Repair of Professional Garage Door Services is the best option you can do to ensure the safety of its function and of course, know that it will be 100% fixed! Professionals in this field would know better than anyone because they are equipped with vast knowledge and experiences that will help give you the best service.


So, there you have it! Make sure to keep all of these in mind. It’s also for your own good and your family’s safety. Avoid future problems and expenses and focus more on important things in your daily life without having to worry about a Malfunctioning Garage Door.

7 Top Easy Ways to Prolong the life of Your Car

Great! You got a car that saves you from most of the inconvenience that a daily public commute can bring. 

clean car, beautiful car, prolong car lifeWe want to keep this benefit for as long as we want, right? That’s why taking care of your car is a must! Especially now that fuel prices and car repair prices are going up – and the last thing we want is having our car break down and spending more!


With these 7 Easy Ways, we will help you prolong the life of that valuable possession of yours.

1. Gently warm up your car first for a good start

Do you know what easily adds up to the wear of your engine? It’s when you immediately race your car’s engine during the start-up. Avoid doing this at all cost. Leaving your engine for more than 5 hours leads to a Cold Engine – this is the situation wherein you most want to avoid revving up your engine. Start your car and leave it for about 30 seconds to allow the motor and oil to warm up, and allow the oil pump to lubricate the engine. Gently warming up also allows the coolant to flow properly.

2. Always check the Fluids and Tires

Do a big part in maintaining your car by giving it just 10 minutes once or twice a month! Grab that rag, but be sure to have a cool engine first as much as possible! Check all the fluids that allow your car to operate smoothly, that includes; your engine oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, power steering fluid and coolant.

While you are at it, make sure to check your tires and be sure that they have the recommended psi as stated in your car’s manual or indicated in the driver’s side door jamb. It’s acceptable to do all of these once a month, except for checking the tires which should be done every 2 weeks.

3. Regularly clean your car, inside and out

Whether we like it or not, as years past, our car is prone to having rust. But not all hope is gone! We still can do something about that! Regularly, and I mean consistently following a schedule for cleaning your car, both inside and outside is a must! Make sure to clean up those dust and debris that has collected inside your car and wash off those sludge and pollution from the body of your car. Make sure to wax the car to increase the protection of the finish.

4. Protect car paint from the sun

Sun is one of the natural enemies of our car and most of the time we won’t be able to avoid it. But we can at least increase its protection from the sun to avoid damage to the exterior by parking in a shade and covering it when parked outside. Your interior isn’t safe from the sun either which can cause bleaching. Consider having your car windows tinted and be sure to trust the work of trusted and Professional Auto Tinters.

5. Regularly changing Oil is a Must!

Having low level and old oil will contribute to the wear and tear of your car. Oil is essential for the engine to operate smoothly and thus regularly maintaining it is important. The recommended mileage for changing your oil is between 3000-5000 miles.

Tip: Make sure to change the oil filter at the same time since they both work together for a better operation.

6. Clean Your Engine

Road salt and other debris don’t just get on your car’s exterior, one way or another they find their way up to your engine and other parts. Be sure to clean up your engine, removing spots that can shorten the life of your parts, and completely removing all the debris that can cause corrosion.

Here’s a short video showing how to clean a car engine the right way:


Also, be sure to clean your Engine Bay with this simple 5 step process:


Bonus Benefit: You will be able to see potential troubles in advance by spotting leaks or cracks when you have a clean engine!

7. Be a responsible driver and drive calmly

Yes, we would sometimes get that urge to drive fast and feel that speed while our hearts races. But high speeds, sudden stops and starts and sharp turns can really contribute to the wear and tear of your car. Drive calmly and properly as much as possible and be that responsible driver we all should be!