7 Top Easy Ways to Prolong the life of Your Car

Great! You got a car that saves you from most of the inconvenience that a daily public commute can bring. 

We want to keep this benefit for as long as we want, right? That’s why taking care of your car is a must! Especially now that fuel prices and car repair prices are going up – and the last thing we want is having our car break down and spending more!

With these 7 Easy Ways, we will help you prolong the life of that valuable possession of yours.

1. Gently warm up your car first for a good start

Do you know what easily adds up to the wear of your engine? It’s when you immediately race your car’s engine during the start-up. Avoid doing this at all cost. Leaving your engine for more than 5 hours leads to a Cold Engine – this is the situation wherein you most want to avoid revving up your engine. Start your car and leave it for about 30 seconds to allow the motor and oil to warm up, and allow the oil pump to lubricate the engine. Gently warming up also allows the coolant to flow properly.

2. Always check the Fluids and Tires

Do a big part in maintaining your car by giving it just 10 minutes once or twice a month! Grab that rag, but be sure to have a cool engine first as much as possible! Check all the fluids that allow your car to operate smoothly, that includes; your engine oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, power steering fluid and coolant.

While you are at it, make sure to check your tires and be sure that they have the recommended psi as stated in your car’s manual or indicated in the driver’s side door jamb. It’s acceptable to do all of these once a month, except for checking the tires which should be done every 2 weeks.

3. Regularly clean your car, inside and out

Whether we like it or not, as years past, our car is prone to having rust. But not all hope is gone! We still can do something about that! Regularly, and I mean consistently following a schedule for cleaning your car, both inside and outside is a must! Make sure to clean up those dust and debris that has collected inside your car and wash off those sludge and pollution from the body of your car. Make sure to wax the car to increase the protection of the finish.

4. Protect car paint from the sun

Sun is one of the natural enemies of our car and most of the time we won’t be able to avoid it. But we can at least increase its protection from the sun to avoid damage to the exterior by parking in a shade and covering it when parked outside. Your interior isn’t safe from the sun either which can cause bleaching. Consider having your car windows tinted and be sure to trust the work of trusted and Professional Auto Tinters.

5. Regularly changing Oil is a Must!

Having low level and old oil will contribute to the wear and tear of your car. Oil is essential for the engine to operate smoothly and thus regularly maintaining it is important. The recommended mileage for changing your oil is between 3000-5000 miles.

Tip: Make sure to change the oil filter at the same time since they both work together for a better operation.

6. Clean Your Engine

Road salt and other debris don’t just get on your car’s exterior, one way or another they find their way up to your engine and other parts. Be sure to clean up your engine, removing spots that can shorten the life of your parts, and completely removing all the debris that can cause corrosion.

Here’s a short video showing how to clean a car engine the right way:


Also, be sure to clean your Engine Bay with this simple 5 step process:


Bonus Benefit: You will be able to see potential troubles in advance by spotting leaks or cracks when you have a clean engine!

7. Be a responsible driver and drive calmly

Yes, we would sometimes get that urge to drive fast and feel that speed while our hearts races. But high speeds, sudden stops and starts and sharp turns can really contribute to the wear and tear of your car. Drive calmly and properly as much as possible and be that responsible driver we all should be!