How To Keep Your Car Healthy During The Pandemic?

After all this time in quarantine, what could be worse than having a dead battery when you’re actually needing to use your car? 

Many people are now working from home, and avoiding to go out unless it’s absolutely necessary, which leaves their vehicles forgotten, parked for extended periods and this can be problematic in the long run. 

If your car has been sitting in the garage, in the parking lot, or on the street for the last few months, it’s crucial that you take it out for a ride.

The truth is that letting your car sit idle during the pandemic can cause a lot of pricey issues. That’s why it is so important to periodically start your car, take a ride, and check everything is working properly. 

The first thing to take into account is that if your car has been parked for a long time you cannot assume it will be ready to go when you decide to hit the road again. Therefore, make sure that you check everything is working fine before your ride. 

Here are some important things to keep your car in great shape during the pandemic: 

Take your car out for a ride at least once a week.  

Over time your car’s battery can discharge. Driving your vehicle once a week for 20 minutes or more will keep your battery charged.

Also, moving the car occasionally is a great way to avoid creating flat spots on your tires. 

According to Edmunds car-research “The biggest concern with tires is flat-spotting, which is when the weight of the vehicle sitting on one spot flattens out a portion of the rubber on the tire. While flat-spotting isn’t likely to happen in two weeks, if conditions are right, a month of being stationary might be enough to cause problems. Low tire pressure and very cold weather can both contribute to the development of flat spots. We recommend starting by checking your tire pressure and inflating them to factory specification. You can find manufacturer recommendations for tire pressures either on the placard attached to the doorsill of the driver’s door or in your car’s manual.

Another benefit you’ll get by moving your car is to disturb any rodents who might have taken up residence in your engine compartment. Rat nests can bring major issues and even ruin tires, so this has to be taken seriously. You can also put rodent repellent in your garage to make sure there are no unwanted guests. 

Without use, rubber components such as belts and wipers can dry out, so make sure to show some love to your car pieces, using each one regularly. 

Keep in mind that your car still needs a regular maintenance schedule, even if you’re not using it as much. Things like filling up your gas tank and changing oil at the proper time, are vital.

Remember that taking a ride once a week is good for your mental health, it will help you lift your spirits, and to have a healthy car.